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Jan 17, 2012, 11:46 p.m.

Yoga at the Village, a popular therapeutic yoga studio in Glendale, California announces the release of a new DVD, Stretch In Time® to help seniors improve the health of their spines and to stretch major joints and muscles with 5 simple exercises. This motivational DVD emphasizes the importance of building strength and endurance as people age.

Yoga at the Village is known for its therapeutic yoga classes bringing humor and stretching to its students has now created a new DVD especially for seniors. Stretch in Time® (watch trailer) motivates seniors to participate in yoga type stretching to help decrease joint pain, reduce blood pressure, and alleviate insomnia. Drs. Beth Marcus and Jeffrey Ring explain how essential it is for seniors to stretch to keep their bodies from becoming crisp and frozen. A Harvard Medical School newsletter reports that yoga has many benefits including relief from depression and anxiety.

"Let's face it most of us do slow down as we age and people think they're too old to move. Yoga is one of the safest forms of exercise for seniors. When you stretch in this way you prepare for the unexpected," says Elyse Briggs, Movement Therapist and owner of Yoga at the Village.

This DVD assists people in becom¬ing more flexible and explains why these safe and efficient postures are so effective. Anyone at any level of ability can do this.

Lending their expertise and guidance on the benefits of stretching are medical professionals; Beth S. Marcus, M.D., Family Doctor with Descanso Family Practice in Glendale, California and Jeffrey M. Ring, Ph.D, Director of Be¬havioral Sciences for the Family Medicine Residency Program at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. The Doctors explain how these exercises are beneficial by improving balance, easing depression, strengthening the central nervous system, and so much more.

STRETCH IN TIME® brings a fresh approach to documentary filmmaking with creative instruction under the experienced direction of Jim Sanders of Reel Ideas, Inc. http://www.reelideas.com.

This program is closed captioned. For more information visit, www.stretchintime.com

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